Musical History

Pam studied at the University of Birmingham from 1959-1962, and became a regular singer at the Peanuts Folk and Blues Club.   There was a lively folk scene in Birmingham throughout the 60’s, with lots of weekly clubs and folk concerts – see the website Early Birmingham Folk Clubs 1950 to 1980 for lots of information, or click here to see some flyers and posters.

Pam was part of the Birmingham and Midland Folk Centre, set up by a group of people around the BBC Radio producer Charles Parker.  The group researched local songs and met weekly to rehearse and develop their singing styles.  They performed these songs around the area, and went on to establish the Grey Cock Folk Club in 1967.  Pam was a resident singer and musician at the club, and helped to set up the women’s group the Red Hens.

Pam moved to Manchester in 1972 and helped to set up the Songcarriers Folk Club there.   Back in Brum in 1977 she joined the band Pigtown Fling which grew out of the Grey Cock, with John Wrench, Pete Yates, Kevin Murphy and Lorrie McCuaig.  John has created an online history of the relationship between Pigtown Fling and the French band Passacaille in the 1980s, with photos and audio clips of some of the music we played.

in 1983 Pam, John and Pete started to play French traditional music concerts in Britain under the name Sabotage, with Kevin Murphy and Jacqueline Contré calling the French dances.   John has also created the online history of Sabotage.

Later Pam joined the band Kitchen Girls, pictured here during their regular Sunday slot at Kings Heath Community Centre.  It featured Ron Collins, Pete Yates, Mike Hayter, Jo Broadwood, Mick Howson, Pam and Dave Dale.

Cuckoo’s Nest was an all-women dance band which played for ceilidhs and barn dances in Birmingham – here’s a video of one of their dances.  Pam formed this with Susan McClure and Barbie Norden, joined by other women from time to time.  Currently she plays with Mad Moll.

In 2005 Pam and Susan set up the Moseley Village Band, which is still active – see here for its early history.   Pam was the bandleader from 2007-2018.